FFH Hydro Demolition Equipment

Fluid Force Hydrodemolition uses state of the art robots suitable for all operations such as horizontal, vertical and on- over-head with up to 6 meters working height without support, and even more with support.

Regular concrete breakers can damage rebar and produce vibration that generates microfractures in sound concrete. High-pressure water jets in Hydro Demolition Equipment attack fissures in faulty concrete, preserving sound concrete and leaving it with an excellent texture for new bonding. Robotic systems make water jetting even more productive.

The advantages of our Hydro Demolition Equipment:
  • Fast removal rates
  • More productive
  • Low noise and dust levels - demolition can be performed during night & weekends
  • No damage to sound concrete or rebar
  • No impact to good bonding surface for new concrete
  • Better quality by selective removal of deteriorated concrete
  • Cost savings



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